action games saints row 2 3 amazing action games similar to Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasThere’s no doubt that the Grand Theft auto series was a milestone for the action games genre. The innovative gameplay included in each of the installments combined with several amazing features such as a killer soundtrack, a bombastic story and some of the most memorable characters in videogame history helped popularize the sandbox-style gaming to never-seen-before levels.  This mixture raised to its peak with the release of the fifth installment of the franchise, the incredibly amazing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

So, who can blame players who go out there to look out for a similar experience? Once you complete the Grand Theft Auto series, what’s left for you? Well, a lot of action games are out there, so I’ve decided to bring you 3 different alternatives In which you’ll find a lot of similarities with Rockstar’s smash hit.

1 – True Crime: Streets of LA

I know that this title was released before the launch of San Andreas but it definitely shares the same spirit. In fact, True Crime: Streets of LA was trying to capitalize the success of another Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto III. However, the main distinction between True Crime and GTA is that the former puts you beside the law enforcement rather than against it.

In this action game you play as officer Nick Kang, a young detective who goes back to LA in search of the truth about his father’s disappearance. The story has three possible endings, each of one depending on your actions as a player (based on your moral actions, you’ll get a good, an average or a bad ending).

With an impressive recreation of Los Angeles and a vast landscape to explore and wreak havoc, True Crime: Streets of LA is a title worth considering when in need of some destruction.


2 – Scarface: The World Is Yours

One of the most beloved and critically acclaimed action movies of all times arrives to PC, Playstation 2 and Xbox to provide you with the spectacular honor of incarnating Tony Montana himself. In fact, Scarface: The World is Yours is a sequel to the movie, as the game begins when the movie ends.

Of course, the story has been changed a little bit, even in the “small” detail of Tony’s death. Yeah, Montana is alive in the game but he is obviously deprived of all of his possessions by Alejandro Sosa. As this is this game’s beginning, your mission will be to get back all of which was previously yours and ultimately get your revenge by killing Sosa.

To become the crime emperor you once were, you’ll have to sell drugs, kill enemies, break gangs and pretty much every crime you can think of. The gameplay will be very familiar to you since it’s almost a clone of the Grand Theft series but this doesn’t avoid you from getting one hell of a ride with one of the greatest fictional criminals ever.


3 – Saints Row 2

Stillwater has fallen from grace once again. After the events of the first title, the city has been raided savagely by the local gangs that are caught up in a war to control the entire town. You’re thrown into this setting as an unnamed character who has recently escaped from prison and is now caught into the crossfire. The only way out of there is to rebuild your former gang, the 3rd Street Saints, in order to bring an end to the war, with the purpose of returning the peace to the city.

Opposing gangs aren’t receptive to any type of discussion, so the only way you’ll get to them is by force. Kill, destroy, blow up and do everything in your power to earn respect and fulfill all of your objectives.

The gameplay on this Xbox 360 game is what can you imagine: a blend made out of driving games and third person shooters that takes place in a big city landscape. Although this isn’t innovative, Saints Row 2 will definitely captivate you from the beginning, thanks to its great graphics, enthralling story and amazing missions.


As you can see, the Grand Theft Auto franchise was largely imitated by other developers. Although they aren’t superior to GTA (almost no game that’s copied from other title actually is) they do provide amazing loads of fun with which you can put your needs for action to rest.

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