youtube rey np 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minuteIn case you had any doubts regarding YouTube’s growth, let me put some hard data into simple terms: if you wanted to watch all of the portal’s contents, a day wouldn’t even be enough to enjoy the videos that are being uploaded in a minute. Yes, that’s right, more than a day’s worth in videos are shared within 60 seconds (35 hours, to be precise).

A week ago, the official YouTube blog posted this information and amazed everyone: they’ve doubled the amount of videos per minute in only 2 years. And the numbers went from 24 hours of video per minute to the current measure in only 7 months.

The increasing number of uploaded contents results from a wide variety of factors, but for the YouTube team you can put a finger on the key elements for this increase. More specifically, the decision to expand the time limit for uploaded videos (from 10 to 15 minutes) would have attracted more users, since the new limit allows squeezing more footage in fewer uploads.

Additionally, the allowed file size for every upload was also increased and it went from 1GB to 2GB. This lets users upload contents of a greater quality for everybody to enjoy. Is obvious that videos with more definition are more appealing and, since recording this kind of contents is more popular than ever (thanks to the new gadgets and cameras), the expansion was almost mandatory.

Furthermore, some external-yet-closely-related factors would also have had quite an impact on the ever-growing social media networking. One of the most important elements in the increased number of uploaded videos would be the wider availability of smartphones and 3g/ 4g mobiles. More and more people would be using this method to easily upload their videos and, sincerely, this makes sense: after shooting your own video, you can share it on the Web in no time by using the very own phone you used to record it.

Has YoTube hit its videos-per-minute peak? It’s highly unlikely. The company itself expressed that they’re now trying to beat their own mark and that would mean reaching the 48 hours worth of video every 60 seconds.  With the new features incorporated (and more yet to come), this not only sounds very possible but it also makes us think that YouTube’s limit seems to be the sky.

Check out the comprehensive graphic below to learn further details about YouTube’s growth. (Click to enlarge)

35 300x228 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

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