unreal development kit03 5 best free game enginesIn times when the graphics are becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s very important for developers to count with the best game engines they can get. This element is crucial for obtaining the best games possible and although there are several paid alternatives that are very powerful, there are other free options that will surely get the job done. Here’s a list of the 5 best free game engines.



Irrlicht is a free open source high-performance realtime 3D graphics engine based in C++. Its strongest feature is its amazing speed although it packs other components that turn it into an engine comparable to commercial alternatives. Among those elements you’ll find several renderers, thorough documentation and a lot of APIs.


Genesis 3D

This is an open source game engine for realtime 3D game rendering environments. Probably one of the greatest things about this engine is its thriving community, which gives users a strong support throughout the entire development process.


Unity 3D

Another excellent free engine, Unity 3D  is great to create 3D videogames as well as other types of animations. What it differentiates this engine from the others is its graphical interface, through which the development system is done in a simpler way. Besides, it can design games for Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii, iPad, iPhone and Android.


Unreal Development Kit

This is the version of the popular Unreal engine that’s available to general public. This results in different licensing, which makes the power of the Unreal engine available for everybody. In this way, the Unreal Development Kit provides you the platform with which some of the best PC games have been made: Batman Arkham Asylum, Unreal Tournament, BioShock 2 and Gears of War, just to name a few.


Panda 3D

This is a free  3D rendering and game development framework for Python/ C++. This engine is free for all purposes and its open source nature guarantees its constant evolution. It is mature, complete and robust, and it’s a very powerful platform to develop games.


Do you think there’s another free worthy alternative? Tell us which in the comments!

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