It might happen to you that your digital music library has growth so much that it seems almost impossible to keep it organized. Most of downloaded files come with empty ID3 tags; do not have the album reference and lack of much other information. Then you should try some of these special designed software that can do the job for you.

The big difference between downloading free music and buying an album is that CD has by default all the information we need to know about the song, the artist and the album. Most of digital files and music players do not have one or all of this data preloaded and insert it manually can be really tedious. Luckily there are certain programs that do all this process very fast and without need of any intervention.


This incredible powerful software has the ability to manage any audio file you have on your computer. The program gives you the possibility to play any kind of MP3 and other format files thanks to its wide range support. It also can automatically search on the Internet for missing information like name of the song, album art, rating, and lot more. It comes with a feature that allows completely synchronize your library with your mobile devices like iPhones, iPods and MP3 players.

 MediaMonkey Screenshots [download]

mediamonkey es mediamonkey 150x150 Organizing Your Music Library mediamonkey fr 150x150 Organizing Your Music Library7214.jpg 150x150 Organizing Your Music Library


This software is the next step from MediaMonkey having more specific capabilities that allows you to create vast databases. It is designed for those people who have a huge number of files. It gives you the opportunity to introduce almost the most little detail you can imagine, as, for example, packaging details. It is an excellent choice for keeping organized not only the digital files, but also has total control over your physical music library.

CATraxx Screenshots [download]

49079 catraxx1 150x150 Organizing Your Music Library CoverGallery catraxx1 full 150x150 Organizing Your Music Library

You are able to try these amazing music programs now, so choose which is the best for your needs. Have fun!


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