As we did before, today we give you a list of very promising websites for 2012. This time from a guest blogger: Michael Koploy (thanks, Mike).

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Groupon have changed how consumers shop and how merchants connect with shoppers. Amazingly, Facebook is the oldest of these companies–started in 2004, it turned eight years-old just this February.

Who will be the next company to reinvent retail? Here are six start-ups that have the potential to shake-up shopping.

1273 10041175427FitOfPassion.logo  300x82 [Best websites 2012] 6 Innovative Companies to Change Retail


1. Fit of Passion — Shop for Clothes Online with Confidence

Ever wonder what a Levis size 3 is comparable to from other Jeans brands? The company has created a comparison engine that compares clothing across sizes and brands. Check out the Fit of Passion website to receive notification when the offering becomes public.


best sites 2012 gospot [Best websites 2012] 6 Innovative Companies to Change Retail

2. GoSpotCheck — Crowdsourcing Meets Mystery Shopping

After users download the app, GoSpotCheck notifies them when there are nearby “tasks.” In return for completing tasks–such as taking pictures of items on shelves or answering product questions in the store–GoSpotCheck pays shoppers cash.

best sites 2012 pushpins [Best websites 2012] 6 Innovative Companies to Change Retail

3. Pushpins — Shopping List and Coupon Integration

Pushpins is a grocery list app integrated with mobile couponing. Users simply create a shopping list and scan it as they shop. Users will be alerted about relevant coupons, and the savings are instantly loaded onto a store loyalty card. Pushpins is already integrated with popular chains like Giant Eagle and ShopRite.


rknd best sites 2012 [Best websites 2012] 6 Innovative Companies to Change Retail

4. RNKD — Rewards Program for Stuff You Already Bought

From the founder of Zappos, RNKD is a retroactive rewards service and fashion social community. Users receive badges and gift cards for achieving certain milestones, such as the most uploads for a particular brand each week.


plain sig logo [Best websites 2012] 6 Innovative Companies to Change Retail

5. Signature — Personal Shopping Assistant in an App

Signature is a mobile shopping assistant for shoppers of luxury brands. Once in the store, users can scan items to learn more about them, schedule appointments with associates and receive promotional sales notifications.


best sites 2012 shopperseption [Best websites 2012] 6 Innovative Companies to Change Retail

6. Shopperception — Advanced Analytics for the Retail Shelf

Using the Xbox Kinect motion capture device, merchants can use the Shopperception software to test shoppers similar to how websites test visitors with Google Analytics. Merchants can use A/B testing and analytics to optimize the shelf and store layout.


What are your thoughts? Are there other companies that you think readers should know about?

Michael Koploy is an ERP Analyst for Software Advice–an online review site for point of sale software buyers. You can learn more about these startups and vote in the poll about which will reinvent retail at: 6 Startups Set to Rock Retail.

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