Facebook Messenger Call your Facebook friends for free with your iPhoneIf something is missing from Facebook, one of the most popular platforms to stay in touch with your friends, is the ability to call all your contacts as if you were using a phone. Several programs have proven that this can be done through the Internet without any cost for the users involved, so it was about time someone develop a similar solution for all of the members of the top social networks. Yes, VOIP through Facebook is now possible, thanks to an iPhone app (the best iphone apps) developed by CrispApp.

This software is called Facebook Messenger and it’s available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. What does it do? Once you’ve installed it in your mobile gadget you’ll be able to log in to your Facebook profile and start chatting with all of your friends. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to send instant messages as you’re accustomed or invite them to a voice chat.

The greatest thing about this app is that it doesn’t matter if your contacts are logged from a PC, a Mac, an iPhone or an iPod. So, if your friends are connected through their desktop computers, Facebook Messenger will send them a link with your call invitation. If they click on it, they’ll be taken to a new page in which the call will be established. In this way, the only thing your contacts will need is a microphone and a set of speakers.

As if the ability to make free calls wasn’t enough, Facebook Messenger allows you to send images, navigate through your message history, view the walls from all your contacts and even use some fine emoticons.

If you’re interested in communicating with your Facebook friends in a fabulous (and free!) manner, then you should definitely download Facebook Messenger. For only $0.79 you’ll be adding a great VOIP feature that will surely change the way you stay in touch with your contacts. If you aren’t convinced yet, you can check the video below to see this excellent app in action. Enjoy!

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