facebook games Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youWe all need to disconnect from daily routine from time to time. Doing so help us in keeping our spirits high, clear our minds and it comes as a breath of fresh air. There are plenty of activities to do to escape from our daily dose of grind: reading, running, walking in the park, exercising and more outdoor activities. But, if you’re afraid of the outside world or you are misanthropist, you can always stay home in front of the computer, accompanied by Facebook. The top social network have a very interesting gaming offer that you can enjoy without leaving your seat. With you, some of the best Facebook games.



Mercenaries of War

mercenariesofwar Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youIf you love apocalyptic war scenarios in which you have to fight for survival, then Mercenaries of War is definitely for you. This RPG game has all the elements you need to have a blast: tough soldiers, lots of weapons and explosions, various tasks that includes real action and puzzle-like challenges and classic RPG activities.

You can configure your own fighter and start taking missions alongside some of your friends to increase your level and face more challenges. All in all, the title has nice graphics and a keen attention to detail, which turns Mercenaries of War into an addictive combat game that will surely captivate you.




my empire Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youAs the idea of games in which you have to build your own city continues to expand to unthought-of limits (strategy games), MyEmpire presents itself as a fresh and innovative take on a genre full of copycats and wannabes. The first thing is where the game is set: the ancient Rome. So, you won’t find skyscrapers and modern structures but a picturesque collection of houses and temples.

Additionally, the game’s complexity is one thing you have to thank for. There are many things to control and you’ll find yourself playing for longer periods of time than the five minutes many of these games have set as a standard. Besides, MyEmpire is very nicely designed and the completed Rome is a sight you have to see for yourself.

Zoo Paradise

Zoo Paradise Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youAnimal lovers will also find a Facebook game to fit their interests. In Zoo Paradise you’ll have to develop a flourishing zoo filled with anime-like animals of all sorts: zebras, alligators, monkeys, penguins… well, you get the idea. The premise is that you attract as many visitors as possible to keep upgrading your zoo with new animals, decorations and habitats, while you maintain your thriving installation in the right path.

This game is simple enough: the gameplay is a no brainer yet there’s something engaging about Zoo Paradise that will surely make you keep coming back for more. Don’t agree? Try it and tell me.

Mall World

mall world Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youHere’s a great example of a nicely developed game that is really captivating its target audience. I’m going to risk it and call Mall World a “teenage girls game” (of course, this is a generalization that doesn’t apply to all teenagers) in which you have to take care of a boutique and take it to the top of the business.

This isn’t a game in which you just have to make your store look pretty: you actually have to run a business and making important decisions, since your products will be virtually purchased by the other players. These mechanics make the game more interesting, taking it away from game in which you just have to level up and see the virtual cash flowing in. And after all, I have to confess it: it’s a very funny game. There! I’ve said it!

NanoStar Siege

nanostar siege Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youA casual strategy game that shows Facebook games can be complex and entertaining at the same time. NanoStar Siege will put you in command of an army that you have to use to bring down the enemy’s fortresses and castles. To do that, you’ll have to lay down archers, footmen and slayers in an invisible grid located in the game field. Once they’re placed they’ll attack whatever they have in front of them and they’ll continue moving in a straight line until they die or they take the enemy’s morale all the way down to surrendering.

What’s most interesting about this game is that it includes a series of collectible heroes, which can be included in your army and which are usable across the different games by the same developer. In every one of those titles, the characters will have unique abilities and skills, so you’d better give them good use. All in all, NanoStar Siege is a very complex game that starts from a simple premise to build up one amazing addiction.

Social City

social city Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youOne of Facebook true classics, Social City is a living pioneer in the city-building genre and one of the most entertaining games of its type. Here you’ll find all the features you surely know by now: you have to make your city increase its population, build new structures and manage a budget to lead your people to prosperity.

What makes this game so special is the incredible amount of details you’ll encounter in all of your town. You’ll feel like you’re watching an actual micro-city! And the fact that this is the game that put Zynga on its developing rampage to come with a similar concept, turns Social City into a title you have to play.

Nightclub City

nightclubcity Looking for casual entertainment? Here are some of the best Facebook games for youYou’ll probably say that this game isn’t as innovative as I’ll affirm it to be, but I’d suggest you to look again. Alright, I know that Nightclub City follows the “decorate your locale” scheme but for several reasons, this game feels different. From the incredible animations and numerous details all over the place, the gameplay just feels right. You’ll have to become the king of the nighttime by expanding your bar and making it the top venue all the people want to attend.

You’ll have to go from spinning the records yourself to counting huge loads of cash, with some leveling up to do in the middle. But you won’t be alone: one of the best things about Nightclub City are its social features. Through them, you can employ your Facebook friends and make them work for you in your bar. In this way, the form in which you interact with your contacts is very fresh and distinctive. If you don’t believe, have a look for yourself, you’ll surely get a blast.

As you can see, there are plenty of Facebook games for you to enjoy. There are lots more, of course, and we’ll keep bringing you recommendations about them, so stay alert!

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