crysis 2222 Crytek reveals the story behind Crysis 2As we approach to the release date of one of the most awaited games for this year (likely to be the top games 2011) more and more players are starting to get really anxious about it. They need information, screenshots, videos and anything that may calm them down a little and that helps them get through the month’s worth of waiting that lay ahead of us. Luckily, Crytek, the company responsible for Crysis 2 development, is addressing that need, that’s why they’ve released a new video in which the story for the game’s solo campaign is revealed. And what can I say? That it looks certainly breathtaking.

Several climatic disasters have destroyed the world almost completely. Twisters, floods, diseases and more have ravaged the planet, killing millions of people. Taking advantage of this situation, an alien invasion takes it course and lands on the planet with a terrifying objective: to annihilate the human race. And to show that they really mean it, they attack ferociously the most emblematic of human cities: New York.

The aliens take the streets slaughtering every man they come across. The city is destroyed, buildings are collapsing, streets are falling apart and death is all over the place: welcome to the urban jungle. And like in every jungle, there are just one way to survive: to be the strongest out there. Fortunately, you have your nanosuit, a secret and powerful weapon that will serve you as an advantage. Equipped with the ultimate military technology, this armor will provide you abilities beyond imagination. With it, you’ll become Earth’s last hope.

You’ll have to be careful, though, as your enemies in Crysis 2 are more clever than ever, since Crytek has really improved the AI. Now the aliens don’t have fixed paths since they explore and guard the terrain in a more intelligent mode. You, however, have the advantage to go invisible, upgrade your weapons and, of course, your nanosuit.

Feeling ready for the massive killing? Are you prepared to taste the most fabulous weapon of them all? If so, then wait until March 22nd to immerse yourself in all the adrenaline with this action games has reserved for you. If you don’t believe, check the video!

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