fifa 12 vs pes 2012 the best soccer game 300x200 FIFA 12 Vs PES 2012, The best soccer game competitionIt is not surprising that when it comes to speaking about the best soccer games, two names come up immediately: Pro Evolution 2012 and FIFA 12. Since they are two of the most amazing soccer simulators ever, the comparison is unavoidable.

Fifa 12 vs PES 2012: Approach

One of the most important aspects to be compared is the graphics. Both PES 2012 and FIFA 12 attempt to transmit a sense of realism. However, in the case of Pro Evolution 2012 the approach is more environment-oriented while in FIFA  the approach is more towards the graphic quality.

Main characteristics

In FIFA, the collision system is one of its most striking features since it really contributes to the realistic environment in the game. In my opinion, FIFA 12 seems to have won the battle in terms of playability, ball contact and physical collision. However, although FIFA 12 offers some nice details like the players’ official shirts and their realistic facial features, PES 2012 has introduced much richer details in the whole environment. This can be seen in the players’ gestures and hair, which give more expression to players’ reactions and gestures. To exemplify this, take a look to these game play videos:


Fifa 12 game play


PES 2012 game play

Conclusion: FIFA 12 or PES 2012?

Which is the best? Well, I think it depends on whether you are looking for high-quality actions and movements or a rich detail-oriented environment. Most probably, we will soon get a newer a more comprehensive version which will combine both aspects. But, for the time being, you will have two try both games to choose either PES 2012 (download here) or FIFA 12 (download here). Test them and post your comments!


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