The following post was published quite a time ago but, due to some users who asked how to get a Microsoft Office 2010 product key for free, we have decided to publish this article once again. We hope you find it useful.

microsoft office license key How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 for freeIf you want to test a softwareto see if its features are what you’re looking for you probably go online looking for a trial or demo version. These limited edition let you try the applications without having to pay anything, although most of the times they aren’t fully functional. However, using these restricted programs can be better when deciding which software you’re going to purchase to get a product key, especially when they are expensive.

This is especially true when talking about Microsoft’s products, specifically Microsoft Office. The productivity suite is a great compilation of applications but you’d better try them before paying for them. Microsoft has a trial policy, though, that states you have to ask for a license key to use the trial.  Here’s how that process is done.

First of all, you have to access to the page of the product you’re about to download (for this tutorial I’m going to use Publisher but the procedure is the same for all of Microsoft Office components), find and click the link that reads “Try free for 60 days”, located below the “Buy now” button. (Click to enlarge the images).

Publisher license key 1 How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 for free

You’ll be asked to login to your Windows Live account to continue (if you’re already logged in this will be skipped). Once you are in the system will ask you to fill in some information about yourself (e-mail address, name, country). After you’ve completed all the required fields, click on the “Continue to checkout button”.

Publisher license key 2 How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 for free

The last screen will show you the order number and date, a download link for the desired trial and the product key with which you can activate your test copy. Notice that this activation key is valid for any of the program’s trial, as long as the copy you have is the same edition as the one for which you asked the office product key (so, if you’ve downloaded an Office trial from Toggle, you can use it with it too). Once you’ve the key, you can insert it when the installation program asks you for one (remember that the application will be activated for a trial period of 60 days after which you’ll have to uninstall the program or buy a license key for the full software).

Publisher license key 3 How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 for free

As you can see, a few simple steps can get you an activation code to gain access to trials of some of the most essential windows software for your PC. Haven’t asked for your license key yet? Follow this tutorial and do it now!

Download Microsoft Office 2010


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11 Comments to “How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 for free”

  • Tried this… it said the key wasn’t valid! Tried it for Publisher that I got from here –

  • i need the key of microsoft office 2007 not 2010 mmm, i am not sure too!!

  • @97ca303b75c2e19cb7471fae678082af:disqus  blog toggle
    y u no spell ‘of’ right?

  • There is no “Try it free for 60 days” on the microsoft page for Publisher anymore.

  • Is this “free” publisher version compatible with Windows 7, as it is 2010, I am not sure.

    • It’s compatible with windows 7, of course

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  • I have already downloaded Microsoft Publisher, it is asking for a activation code. This is a trial version, how can I receive a activation code?

    • Hi Debbie! Well, just follow the procedure above, It really works:)

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