Are you looking for a complete site where you can find your favorite TV series or movies for seeing online? Cuevana is that and much more. This website popularity grows every day: it has 250.000 registered users, and the number keeps getting bigger. The reason? It is a free and really easy way of watching Free TV and motion pictures over the internet.

Cuevana Want some Free TV and Movies online?

Cuevana was created as a way to simplify the sharing of movies and TV shows, providing access to online stored files without the needing of download them. You just need to install a complement on your web browser and select what you want to see.

As an example, take a look to the following images:

1) Select the content that you want to see: online tv/online movies?

You can choose between movies ordered by genre, best rated, most popular, and last uploaded; or TV series, season and episode.

Cuevana series Want some Free TV and Movies online?

2) Install Cuevana’s Plugin

When you have already chosen, then the site will show the link to download the Plugin, as it follows.

Cuevana plugin Want some Free TV and Movies online?

3) Watch Free TV Online!

In just a few seconds the complement will be installed and functioning. Then you have the possibility to select the source of the file.

After that, you just have to enjoy your choice!

Cuevana plugin 2 Want some Free TV and Movies online?

The things that make Cuevana unique are that the site is constantly updated with the last TV series episodes, and recent movies as well as classics films. It is also possible to rate the movies and write reviews. What is more, you can suggest new content and even collaborate offering your online file’s links to the developers.

Cuevana have become a strong community of people who loves cinema and TV shows, and it is expected that it will keep growing on the future.

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