iTunes has changed its layout from end to end, and in its No. 11 version, it offers the user a better flowing and more dynamic browsing.

The new iTunes 11 boasts a beautiful, intuitive and futuristic design. The problem is, people are so used to the old one that they don’t quite agree with the new look of Apple’s most used software. This is basically because they are completely lost without its classic sidebar!

If you belong to this group, don’t worry. The current iTunes 11 can also be seen as its previous versions. How to do that? It’s very simple:

Click View – Show Sidebar (or press Command+Option+S)
Click View – Show Status Bar (or press Command+Option+/)

show itunes 11 sidebar Itunes 11: How to bring back the previous layout   with Sidebar

Done! Now you have iTunes new version, with the previous layout.

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One Comment to “Itunes 11: How to bring back the previous layout – with Sidebar”

  • Thank you! Very helpful.

    For Windows users its just ctrl+S.

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