Pes 2012 pc download 150x150 Finally, PES 2012 is available to download (PC) [Best PC Games]Konami is back on the field with the best soccer game of all times: PES 2012. This new version of Pro Evolution Soccer is more flexible to user’s needs and also it gives players “freedom to play” and 360º dribbling. These two features are much improved compared to PES 2011.   If we have to pick up a concept to resume major improvements, we could say “Team work”.According to “Seabass” (Shingo Takatsuka – Creative Producer of PES 2012) the PES franchise was lacking of achievements as a result of team effort: “You could use a star player to overwhelm a defense and score, but we all know that most goals are the consequence of a great team work

Naturally Konami decided to be up to real football once again and improved game style and tactics due to this new way of scoring goals. License is not a problem for Konami since they have acquired the rights from the Champion’s League among many others from Europe and other regions of the world.

PES 2012 PC – Gameplay

AI (Artificial Intelligence) of PES 2012 has been enhanced and improved based on feedback from users in the PES 2011 version and the early Demo of 2012’s demo. When you attack your teammates will try to open a way for you to perform a straight shot to the bottom of the net.


PES 2012 Demo

What will we find in the PES 2012 Demo? We will be able to choose among S.S.C. Napoli, FC Porto and Manchester United, between others. Matches will be 10 minutes long and we will test teammate moves and training mode, both in attack and defense. You can  download PES 2012 here.


PES 2012 Release Date

PES 2012 will be released in September 29th according to some rumors. Some trusted sources indicate it will be available in the early days of October. Anyway we will have a second Demo soon where we are going to see a final stage of development from Pro Evolution 2012.

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