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Right after the Oscar fever many people will search for the most awarded movies on the Internet since in some countries those “motion pictures” have already been replaced by other ones, and in some other countries they didn’t arrive yet. , the most visited website when it comes to watch free online movies, used to be the #1 choice among films fans all over the world. Due to recent events (Megaupload being terminated by the FBI and many motions destined to “stop” online piracy) like SOPA, PIPA [...]

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Cuevanais a site where you can find free online movies and TV shows. This site was created by a group of Argentine students which currently leads its kind with huge success in Latin America.

Its founders, originally from the province of San Juan, explained in an interview for Rolling Stone the main reason for creating Cuevana was basically to simplify the process of watching free movies and series for Internet users. The inspiration came at times when there was the weekly need of searching for episodes of series like Lost and House back in 2009. The implementation of the site was as fast as its exponential growth (it now has more than half a million hits per day)
But, why Cuevana is successful?

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