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If I was to ask you to define YouTube, what would you say? Probably the standard answer: “a video-sharing website.” You’d be right, of course, but something in that description leaves a big part of the YouTube experience aside. This website is a vast online universe where a great variety of audiovisual contents meet with the purposes of informing and entertaining. Are these goals being accomplished? Well, it really depends on what, where and how are you looking the videos you want to enjoy. Most of the good material is buried deep within the site and it’s very hard to get to it. In addition, most people access YouTube with nothing more but a general idea on what they want to watch, which generally leads them to wander aimlessly throughout the site.

Fortunately, people over at YouTube came to realize that this was common behavior among its visitors and decided to do something about it. That’s why they’re testing Topics, a new feature that takes video searches to a whole new level.

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