The P2P programs had become very popular over thousands of users all around the world. This is because they are a fast and simple way to find and download any kind of content to your computer. But which is the best download software for you? We have made a research about the most popular P2P apps considering the opinion of several users in order to find it out.

It is important to mention before we begin, that there are some aspects of P2P software that, in some particular cases, can compromise your PC security. There were released numerous programs that worked with this technology but comes with some kind of adware or spyware infections. There is also the possibility to download infected files which most of times are disguised under different names. So it is always important to have a strong Antivirus installed and updated.

Talking about the most used programs, we can name Ares, eMule and FrostWire as the preferred for many people. Although the tree can perform basically the same tasks, each one of them apparently work better to downloading different kind of content. This is what the users have said:


logo ares galaxy thumb1 Which is the best P2P software

This incredible software continues being the most prevalent all over its competitors. Some of its advantages are faster download speed, and a wide list of sources where you can find almost everything you can imagine. A disadvantage pointed out for some consumers is that it is more possible to download malicious software and virus. Some people recommend the Ares Lite Edition version for being safer than the full one.



emulelogo Which is the best P2P software

This is another classic program on the P2P field and follows Ares on popularity. It is best known for being one of the greatest for downloading software having lots of options on its field and even some files that you cannot find on other managers. It is the favorite choice of the advanced users because its functionality and security.



508 frostwire logo.jpg Which is the best P2P software

It is known as the “LimeWire  successor”. This is a program highly recommended for the music download over another kind of files.  Most of the people who have tried it say that it has a really good environment and download speed, and that it works lot better for all kind of audio files.


Have you tested any of these programs? What is your opinion about them?


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