The gaming industry has always been a very lucrative business. With the right title and the exact amount of advertising, the revenue you can collect with a smash-hit is surely enough to live with all the comfort you’ll ever need. Over the past decade or so, several games conquered the markets around the world, selling copies like no other game has ever done before. However, being the fastest selling videogame of all time doesn’t really guarantee that the title itself will continue to be sold year after year. Only the true classics can stand the passing of time as they continue to sell copies. Well, here are some of them on this list of the top selling PC games of all times.

1 – GTA IV

gta iv 2 Top 5 best selling PC games

The story of Niko Bellic, the Serbian smuggler that goes to Liberty City to pursue the American dream, is violent and tragic and has all the elements that garnered the Grand Theft Auto series its worldwide recognition. Guns, treason, deaths, fast vehicles, policemen and a vast open world combine to provide players with an explosive cocktail in this Action Games. Apparently, the formula still works since the fourth installment of the franchise has sold nearly 17 million copies around the world, a mark yet to be beaten.

2 – The Sims

the20sims1 Top 5 best selling PC games

Those who thought that a game devoted to recreate real life in all of its “minor” aspects (such as dining, going to the bathroom or sitting to watch TV) would be a failure were plain wrong. Since the launch of this first installment, the franchise has become in the most successful series of the videogame industry. The Sims (the first released title) has sold 16 million copies around the world proving that are way too many people interested in replicating the house and the lives of their dreams on a digital form.

3 – Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty1 Top 5 best selling PC games
After being brought to the present by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, players are taken back once again to the World War II. Set on the Pacific and Eastern fronts, Call of Duty: World at War provides its users with an almost real experience of the most cruel war on the history of mankind. All the components resemble to the ones that were originally used in combat, such as weapons and vehicles and several key events of the war are recreated (such as the Battle of Stalingrad). Apparently, gamers around the world are very interested in this period of time and the game has sold over 13 million copies since its 2008 release.

4 – World of Warcraft

wow montura Top 5 best selling PC games

The biggest MMORPG in today’s market is also one of the most played games of all times. In this game, players have to travel once more to the world of Azeroth and they have to continue the story after the events of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. This specific genre that connects millions of players around the world has captivated everyone’s attention with its features: fantastic lands, challenging quests and hundreds of skilled creatures. And WoW stands as the best games rpg online with an astonishing 12 million subscribers that engage in ferocious battles on far away kingdoms.

5 – Starcraft

starcraft patch released new Top 5 best selling PC games

The oldest game on this list is truly a classic of the strategy games (in real time). All the people that have always wanted to command intergalactic troops in order to conquer new worlds have the opportunity to do so with Starcraft. The galaxy wars between Terran, Protoss and Zerg have astonished the whole world since the game release back in 1998. With official merchandise, Starcraft tournaments and huge cult following this title has gained the award of one of the most beloved games in PC history, a status you can tell by the amount of copies it has sold over its decade of existence: 11 million.

Of course this numbers are always changing: games continue to be sold and some newer titles might aspire to the podium in the next few years. Besides, the growing problem with piracy remains the greatest issue the videogame industry has to face, an inconvenience that has its impact on these figures that would definitely be different if that inconvenience hadn’t existed in the first place. But one thing is true: classic are classic (take a look at “The most memorable PC games of all times” post)

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