Since the era of digital art has started over a decade ago, the need for a program that allows us to edit and enhance photos has become an endless search, due to the high number of alternatives on the market, either if you need PC software or online image editor. That is why I decided to make a top 5 of the best photo editing software that you must have in  your computer:

5- PhotoFiltre: big rated fivestar Top 5 Photo Editing Software

photofiltre best photo editing Top 5 Photo Editing Software

This one is a very complete photo editing software since it offers the possibility to make simple and complex “repairs” to an image. Besides, it allows you applying a wide variety of filters in order to get amazing results. Download PhotoFiltre now

4- Picasa: big rated fourstar Top 5 Photo Editing Software

picasa best photo editing software 300x266 Top 5 Photo Editing Software

Like any other Google app, Picasa is a great tool that has improved a lot in every new version. In Picasa 3 can not only manage your images’ library and share it on the web, but you can also apply filters and effects to enhance your photo appearance in a very simple way. Download Picasa here


3- Photoscape: big rated fivestar Top 5 Photo Editing Software

photoscape best photo editing software 300x226 Top 5 Photo Editing Software

Photoscape is a wonderful OpenSource photo editor (100% free) which is very easy to use, allowing you create photomontages and apply effects to your images in a few clicks. The results with Photoscape software are impressive and you don’t need any graphic design skills to use it. Download Photoscape here


2 – The Gimp: big rated fivestar Top 5 Photo Editing Software

Gimp best image editor 300x187 Top 5 Photo Editing Software

This photo editor is arguably the best free alternative to Photoshop. In fact, all Linux users use The Gimp as a design tool without the least bit surprising to the editor of Adobe. Download The Gimp for free!


1 – Adobe Photoshop CS6: big rated fivestar Top 5 Photo Editing Software

photoshop best image editor 300x184 Top 5 Photo Editing Software

Is the precursor of photomontage at the most popular level. For over 10 years, Adobe brings ordinary people the ability to manipulate images and photographs like professionals. The main reason many people don’t agree in the “popular” line is in the price. However you can try it for free during 30 days and be amazed with it’s features: Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 now

(You can also try Adobe Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CS2 if your computer doesn’t reach CS6′s requirements)



Free Morphing: free, easy to use and extremely fun. This is a powerful program, capable of transforming an image into another one, through a technique known as “morphing”. As a result, you will obtain a high-quality animation, in GIF format. If you prefer, you can also export the result to a small-sized AVI file, that maintains all the characteristics of the original images. Pretty cool, uh? Download Free Morphing here


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